It’s Your Birthright As A Woman To Feel

Empowered, Connected and


And It’s Up To You To Claim It

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Whether you’re a yoga teacher, therapist, entrepreneur, mother, or corporate warrioress…

Whether you’ve spent years fostering your feminine strengths, or are just beginning to recalibrate, after a lifetime of conditioning in a patriarchal society…

The world needs what only YOU have to offer.

We need your voice.
We need your power.
We need the fruits of your unique inspiration.
Everything you need to create radical shifts in your life – all of your answers – are already waiting inside of you.

Are you ready to reawaken the feminine wisdom that lies within?




Modern Day Mystery School

A Year-and-a-Day Long Immersion into the Art of the Feminine

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We are Ashley Turner & Sianna Sherman, and like you, we once heard the call…

… to dive into the deepest parts of ourselves, and integrate our shadow and our light.

… to honor the seasons of life and the cycles of nature, with reverence and ritual.

… to emerge, standing in our power, and fearlessly sharing our gifts with the world.

After completing our own training in the ancient arts of the feminine, we both knew one thing to be true: we wanted to create a Mystery School of our own to serve all women, everywhere.

From the day we met, we felt aligned in this vision.



We’ve spent years dreaming, praying and crafting to bring our Urban Priestess™ Mystery School to life, from the depths of our hearts and our most sincere desire to serve women.

The result is a body of work that is anchored in both the magical and the practical.  


What Is An Urban Priestess™?

An Urban Priestess™ is a woman who…


If you see a glimpse of your future written in these words, there’s only one question left:

Will you answer the call?

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How Your Journey Will


We follow the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of nature in both the content and timing of our program. The Wheel of the Year sets our course. The Priestess sits at the center of the Wheel, surrounded by 12 primary archetypes, corresponding to each zodiac sign.

Each month focuses on one archetype, one astrological sign and its related sector of life.


What You’ll Receive…


13 Moons of Urban Priestess™ Training

Including reading material, self-inquiry, songs, prayers, rituals, mantras, oil and incense recipes, and much more.


13 Wheel Lessons 

90-minute pre-recorded training videos focusing on each Priestess archetype, as well as the corresponding attributes and zodiac sign. Each archetype holds different empowerments for the Urban Priestess™ to carry into a specific sector of her everyday life.


13 LIVE Empowerment Calls with Ashley

With practical tools and psychology-based exercises to help you integrate and activate each of the 12 faces of the Priestess.


13 LIVE Transmission Calls with Sianna

A mytho-poetic Goddess Transmission and embodied ritual to accompany each archetype.


8 LIVE Heart Counsel Calls 

To honor the High Holy Days, get one-one-one counsel from Ashley or Sianna, be witnessed and fully supported in Sisterhood.


Community & Connection

With your sisters through our discussion forum, private Facebook group and optional Accountability Triads.


15 Guest Expert Interviews

To inspire and open a portal into any archetype you wish to explore more in depth.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to all of your lessons, call recordings, guest expert interviews, and the private Facebook group.

Praise for Urban Priestess™…


“When I began the UP program I had recently recovered from an arduous health journey. I had fully recovered, but still felt like I wasn't truly living and thriving. Thankfully, my soul answered the call to join Urban Priestess™… even though I had no idea what to expect.

I learned so many invaluable new tools and skills, and more importantly, experienced an indescribable integration as all of me was called back home. Sianna and Ashley carry immense wisdom that they very generously share, with transmissions that are truly the Divine being broadcasted through the voice of their hearts.

I don't have words for the immense gratitude I feel for this experience. My family and friends comment on how much this program has transformed me, and they have had the ripples touch their lives too. One of my heartfelt wishes is that every woman has an opportunity to experience something like this priestess training.”

– Lauren


“Being part of the Urban Priestess™ Mystery School and Apprenticeship has enriched my life in ways that exceeded my wildest dreams. I feel very blessed by the well thought-through curriculum, and the wealth of information and support. I cannot say enough about the dedication, and loving and soulful interactions with both Ashley and Sianna. The team behind the scenes to make it all happen was also beyond awesome.”

– Stephanie


“I am so grateful, honored, and truly happy to be in Urban Priestess™. I feel a deep sensation of coming home. I have dabbled with other Priestess paths and trainings and never been able to fully connect or commit – because the right one had not yet been created – and now it is HERE! Thank you for this opportunity and for going out of your way to let me be part of it. So deeply grateful.”

– Greta


“This program has been truly transformational. I'm learning so much about myself and what is at the core of my being. Connecting myself to myself, my fellow women, and the Divine in ways I didn't realize were possible.

– Anonymous


I recommend this program to all who are drawn to learn more about the arts of Priestesshood of the Divine Goddess. Amazing information. Very comprehensive. More than enough info for practice for a lifetime.”

– Kimberley

Meet your Guides


Sianna Sherman is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, evocative storyteller, and passionate speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world.

She is the founder of Mythic Yoga Flow® and the co-founder of Urban Priestess™. Following an apprenticeship in 1994, where she trained in the Celtic Priestess tradition, Sianna’s notion of education was radically altered. Through this experience, she knew one day she would bring a mystery school to life.

Sianna’s background includes extensive training as a bodyworker, multiple apprenticeships as a wild-crafter and many years as a storyteller and has studied under Richard Freeman, BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Yogi Bajan and Kali Ray. She has a unique ability to touch the human heart through story, ritual and devotional practice and leads 200 & 300-hour Teacher Trainings around the globe, inspiring students to practice with intention, commitment and inspiration. Sianna’s teachings are a true convergence of science, mysticism, art and yoga.

Sianna co-created the Goddess Yoga Project with Yoga Journal, an online program to help women step into their power and use it to serve the world – and contributes regularly to Mantra, Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal and Origin Magazine.


Ashley Turner is an innovator in personal development – bridging yoga, psychology and neuroscience. She is an acclaimed yoga–meditation instructor, licensed psychotherapist, writer and Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School tradition.

She is the founder of Yoga Psychology, an innovative training program for teachers and dedicated students fusing yoga, depth psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience. She is the co-founder of Urban Priestess™, a modern-day mystery school for women, creator of 9 best-selling yoga DVDs and co-author of Aroma Yoga.

Ashley has graced such lists as MindBodyGreen’s ‘100 Women in Wellness to Watch’, Sonima’s ‘100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in the US’ and Feedspot’s ‘Top 100 Psychotherapy Blogs’.

Known for her charisma, depth and accessibility, Ashley is a sought after speaker, facilitator and presenter. She works with therapy and coaching clients worldwide via Skype and leads transformative events to power points around the globe. Ashley lives by the ocean in Marina del Rey, CA.

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