The face of the Priestess as Warrioress holds the sacred empowerment of setting healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries emerge from healthy self-esteem and knowing our self-worth. The Warrioress knows what she stands for and bravely speaks her Truth. She wields the weapons of discernment and clear boundary making.

PeaceTake responsibility for our own actions and emotions.

Stop taking responsibility for the actions and emotions of other people.

If our boundaries are too loose, then we lack integrity, lose self-respect and weaken the field of trust in ourselves and in others. If our boundaries are too tight, then we run away from intimacy, become disconnected, overly rigid and without the sense of play and fun.

6 Keys to Setting Healthy Boundaries:

1) Tune in to your feelings. Your body is the greatest divination tool and is speaking to you all the time. Notice feelings of discomfort and resentment. Name the discomfort. Where is it in your body? What is it telling you? Do you feel resentment anywhere in your life? Do you feel taken advantage of?

2) Know your Limits. Be honest with yourself. You do not need to be a superhero and save everyone. What are your true limits? Knowing your limits builds your self-respect.

3) Be Honest. Honesty is key to integrity. Once you know your honest truth, be willing to state your truth in a direct manner filled with love and kindness. The Warrioress wields the bow and arrow. Her golden arrow of truth hits the mark and when it does, everything blossoms with awakening.

4) Give yourself Permission. You have full authority from within yourself. You do not need someone else to give you permission to state your truth or set your boundaries. This is your life and you are here to carve your own destiny for the benefit of the greater whole.

5) Respect. Have respect for yourself and others. Respect the boundaries of other people just as you wish for your boundaries to be respected. Carefully observe your own tendencies when another person establishes boundaries. Do you try to seduce them away from their boundaries? Do you try to guilt trip them to attend to your needs and ignore their own needs?

6) Be Assertive. Communicate in a relaxed yet confident way. Be direct and honest with lots of love. Communicate when someone has crossed a boundary or not respected your request.

Where do you need to set stronger boundaries in your life? How will you integrate these teachings to help establish boundaries?

Magic Is Afoot.