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Are you ready to truly rest in your feminine essence?

August 16th, 2018|

Dakinis are the powerful feminine Beings who fly through the sky in total freedom. Ultimately, they transcend gender but are perceived as feminine forces. They are the wild and uncompromising forces of the naked and free mind.

Wisdom Dakinis stand for feminine enlightenment and they insist upon total freedom and liberation from all suffering. Considered supernatural […]

Reclaiming your wildness & the energy of your primal power

August 8th, 2018|

The Priestess as Wild Woman is on fire with the life force energy rushing through her like an electrical current leaping through the sky. She is passionate, effusive and charismatic.

She lights up her environment like a flash of lightning in the sky.

The Wild Woman shows us the way of the Sacred Spark in her […]

How to set your intentions for the Leo New Moon

August 2nd, 2018|

In the Urban Priestess Mystery School, the WILD WOMAN is the archetype who initiates the Wheel of the Priestess in the zodiac house of Leo.

Leo is the 5th house of the zodiac wheel. When you think of Leo, think of the Sun – bright, shiny, warm, attractive, generous, fiery, passionate, creative, confident and cheerful.

Leos are […]

Lammas | the Festival of Gathering In

July 27th, 2018|

Solar Lammas: July 31 – August 2
Lunar Lammas: July 27, 2018 
Lammas, Lughnasagh, Lughnasad, Lugnasa, Feast of Lugh, Lammastide, Harvest Home, Feast of Bread, Feast of the Grain Mother, Ceresalia, 1st Harvest, Festival of Gathering

Lammas is the “Festival of Gathering In” and the celebration of the Grain Goddess and Grain Mother. The Earth has great manifesting […]

Healthy Body Image and Falling in Love with Yourself

July 20th, 2018|

“Body image, for me, was an issue that defined all of my 20’s and half of my 30’s.” ~ Ashley Turner

Part of the path of integration for the Mother Archetype is learning to nurture, nourish & care for yourself. Self-care can be a difficult concept as we tend to naturally be harder on ourselves than […]

A self-love ritual to help you connect, ground & nourish

July 10th, 2018|

The Priestess as Mother gives nourishment to the world literally and metaphorically through the milk of her breasts. The zodiac sign of the Mother in the Urban Priestess Mystery School is Cancer, which rules the breasts. 

In mythopoetic understanding, we learn to follow the flow of milk and blood in the story lines for the feminine encoded […]

The “Good Enough” Mother

July 3rd, 2018|

Mother is the first person every baby girl or boy falls in love with.

As psychoanalyst Melanie Klein would say, mother is felt to be:

the source of all beauty and goodness
the wellspring of life itself
the center of the baby’s universe – the baby’s first love
first savior
first provider
first hero
first comforter

We like […]

Creating an altar for the Mother archetype

June 28th, 2018|

THE MOTHER is the archetype in the Wheel of the Year who governs the zodiac house of Cancer.

She represents the dark of the moon and the fecund void of deep receptivity – open to be penetrated by ideas or dreams and fertilized by the force of life. She gestates a vision, creative project or baby […]

Living your unique creative expression

June 19th, 2018|

Do you wish to express your creativity more freely but feel blocked or aren’t sure how?

The Muse archetype, in the astrological house of Gemini, asks you to look deeply into the call of your Soul and ask how you can co-create with the Universe. The Muse is here to support you to live your purpose through your own […]

Keys to Healthy Communication

June 14th, 2018|

The Muse archetype is a natural communicator and orator. Her specialty is skillfulness and grace in communication. Her shadow may be using too many words, tangential speech, darting about and not following through on commitments. She learns to build steadiness in her Self and speech.

The Gemini new moon is a good time to cultivate communication […]