Our ability to be vulnerable and open our hearts is what creates the authentic seal of love.”
~ Brenda Villa

Our guest expert Brenda Villa dances between worlds as a business and personal consultant and a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. She is a healer, coach, and spiritual guide.

Brenda is passionate about and committed to empowering women in their heart, in their light, in the certainty, and in their glory.

When women are ignited, everything is possible.

A woman of power has done work to be aware of where her heart lies.  She has cultivated a relationship with her heart and can hear when it gets far away so that she can make adjustments to be true to her own path and follow her intuition.

Listen above as Sianna and Brenda discuss:

  • How to access the spirit world.
  • Modern day Sisterhood and how to strengthen collaboration with each other.
  • Body image and cultivating self-love
  • Following your intuition.
  • What is possible when we are living authentically.

Magic Is Afoot.