“Body image, for me, was an issue that defined all of my 20’s and half of my 30’s.” ~ Ashley Turner

Part of the path of integration for the Mother Archetype is learning to nurture, nourish & care for yourself. Self-care can be a difficult concept as we tend to naturally be harder on ourselves than we are on others.

Do you struggle with body image issues? Feelings that you are inadequate or that you need to be something more or look a certain way before you can pursue what your heart is calling you to do?

You’re not alone.

We both struggled with body image and disordered eating from an early age, as we began to receive messages from the world that we needed to be something other than what we were. The influence of the outside world left us feeling ugly, fat, lonely, shamed, depressed: inadequate. We both got so caught up in these feelings that we were unable to see our own beauty, trust that we were whole and enough, and nourish ourselves in a loving, caring way.

After years of obsessing and beating ourselves up, we both found our way down similar paths of healing that allowed us to remember that we deserved to be seen, heard, and loved as we healed from the inside out. Listen to the clip above to hear our stories.

Ritual for Healthy Body Image

One of the most profound gifts for women to share with each other is the cultivation of healthy body image.

So many women and daughters carry an immensely heavy burden of self-loathing and disrespect for their physical body. Daughters learn very early on about body image. A daughter assimilates both the obvious and subtle feelings that her own maternal line carries around body image. When she sees her mother in the mirror speaking to her reflection in an unkind way, this is a direct impact on how the daughter will feel about herself.

Here is a simple, yet profound ritual for Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters & the Maternal Line:

Gather as many women in your maternal line that wish to be together for the healing of body image. This can include grandmothers, mothers, aunts, daughters, cousins and other women who are close to the family.

Stand in a circle outside in nature or in a beautiful space in your home. 

Go around the circle in full presence as each woman says what she is grateful for in her body.

Keep circling around with gratitude until all the women have spoken several times.


  • I am grateful for my freckles that look like little stars dancing on my skin.
  • I love my shimmering blue eyes, curly brown hair and big smile.
  • I am grateful for my long legs and the beautiful arches in my feet that support me as I walk the path of my most heart’s most true desire.
  • I love my breasts shaped like small soft fruits and my soft round belly.
  • I am grateful for the laughter that spills out of me when I feel the sun on my skin, the moonlight in my eyes and the wind upon hair.
  • I love the way my body runs, plays, jumps and leaps with joy 

To close, ask each woman and daughter to light a candle with her own personal prayer for all women of the world and for her own maternal line past, present and future.

What is your body image story? What has helped you begin to heal?

Magic Is Afoot.