Whether you are a full blown artist, writer or trying to solve a problem creatively…one of the near constant challenges for the Muse is to breakthrough creative blocks. When you are stumped or feel the well of inspiration drying up it can be maddening, fear-inducing and overwhelming.

The first step is to realize that you are not alone. Remember that creativity is energy. A river pouring through us. Our job as artists is to open our vessel – mind and body – and allow Spirit to flow through.

Here are a few basic steps to help you befriend your creative demons and breakthrough your creative blocks:

1. Pause.

Take a break.

Simple, right? Except we all know that one of the hardest things to do is to walk away from an unresolved problem in our art. We actually end up wasting time and energy when we are beating our head against a wall. Go for a walk, run, coffee break. Little is accomplished when we are in a mental rut. Distance and space can often shatter a blockage.

Leave a project overnight, go read an inspiring novel and check back in the morning. When you return with fresh eyes, the solution often seems apparent.

2. Embrace Fear

Try the thing that scares you the most. True, you might fail. Failure is key. And, failure is education. Or, you might succeed. Fear is an inevitable part of life and living creatively. The definition of an artist, visionary and creative is that we are pulling the unmanifest into form. Reaching into unseen territory to pull through a new creation.

The fearless resolve to throw your full energy at a problem is the basis for genius, and the sincere belief that your creativity is not a limited resource will guide you through many long nights.

Strangely, the better a work of art is progressing, the harder it can be to remain loose and adaptive – if a thing begins to feel nearly finished, it is terrifying to risk all of that progress… so embrace fear and create boldly!

3. Play

Being the Muse, return to frivolity and focus on what “amuses” you.

  • What turns you on?
  • What lights you up?
  • What makes you feel most childlike or alive?
  • Do that. Go play.

As artist Julia Cameron strongly encourages in her seminal text: The Artist’s Way, set a weekly “Artist Date” with yourself. This must be something that you do alone (without even your children) and for the sheer JOY of it. Pure pleasure. Delight in yourself and your senses.

It can be difficult to remember what originally drew us to art; children create with an unselfconscious wonder that is not limited by physical or conceptual barriers. In the middle of a tight creation deadline it can be terribly challenging to find the lighter elements of play and fun within the process.

If you can remember the world as you saw it as a child, you will maintain a mental flexibility that is a true asset when the ideas dry up.

When you create, you are tapping into the Universal Source of all creation and allowing it to flow through you. Trust the winding path of Shakti and the Muses as they guide you on your path.

You are not alone.

And, your art is in service to the Divine.

You are literally made of stars!

Comment below to share: Please share what works best for you to breakthrough your creative blocks.

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!