During the last moon of the Urban Priestess Mystery School training, my sweetheart and I parted. We broke up because we love each other, which made perfect Libra lunar sense.

The moon had guided me through my heartbreak teaching me when to hold tight, when to release, and reminding me to listen to myself.

I wouldn’t have known to listen to the moon if it hadn’t been for Urban Priestess and the lessons of radical self-care.

In this case, it was time and tears. I felt as though I had lost all desire – I was strangely flat and hollowly sad but I understood enough not to fear this fallow feeling and to let myself lie low.

I see starkly how I could have distorted my grief into destruction if I hadn’t had this year. Instead, I dance with my sorrow rather than let it consume me and I am even grateful for it as the other side of sweetness.

What a wondrous kind of alchemy.

This is my current, personal experience of how practically valuable Urban Priestess is. True empowerment.

This is a beautiful affirmation for after a year and a day, the first year of the Urban Priestess course came to a close. Disbelief mingled with a sense of rightness that we have come this far. I see myself and the Priestesses looking back over the year in awe and wonder.

What incredible leaps we have made! What ardent dreams we have pursued! What achievements and realizations and healings and laughter we have shared!

I feel so honored to be connected to so many powerful, committed women and as the gates opened for the new initiates I felt a fresh wave of welcome, a renewing of the springs of the heart, to discover more together this year. I can’t believe we get to do it all over again!

I decided, with trepidation, to look at my first blog post. What if I’d fallen short of all my desires? My ego quivered.

What I found was treasure. I saw my dreams and I saw how they had been rendered so beautifully throughout the year.  I saw the lessons I have learnt and am still learning.

I saw Sacred Sisterhood and revolutionary love.

I see so clearly how the course has taught me to trust my intuition. I see how scared I was of anyone realising I was doing this! I made myself anonymous! The vanity – I love it!

Well, I’m shucking off the invisibility cloak now.

I love this course. It has enriched my life, deepened my friendships, ignited my trust in myself and opened me to the daily miracles we’re offered. I’m so grateful for Ashley and Sianna giving me the space to hide and the platform to holler hello, I’m here, I’m an Urban Priestess and I love it.

Magic Is Afoot.