In our Mystery School, the WISE WOMAN is the archetype who initiates the Wheel of the Priestess in the house of Sagittarius.

This is the house of higher knowledge, religion, philosophy, long distance and overseas travel, adventure and the internal quest for truth and clear sight.

Wise Woman Mantra: I simplify. I resonate.

The function of the Wise Woman is to weave together instinct and intuition to clarify the heart’s deepest longing.

To do this, you must slow down.




Be Silent.

Rest in being in the moment.

Allowing yourself time to slow down is a recognition of self that allows for connection to your deepest wisdom and understanding.

As Ariel Spilsbury states so beautifully in her book The 13 Moon Oracle, “Recognize the power of being rather than becoming.”

As we study the Wise Woman Archetype, we begin to more clearly understand that our Truth is already inside of us – it’s just waiting for us to slow down, notice, and uncover.

Embrace the beauty of doing nothing.

The 3 most powerful tools to help cultivate deeper connection with your own inner wisdom & understanding are:

  • Prayer
  • Nature
  • Meditation

Post a comment below and let us know: How do you integrate these tools into your daily life? Do you have a personal favorite?