Fall Equinox or Mabon is Saturday September 22nd and is one of the three harvest festivals. The primary theme is gratitude for the abundance of the earth and that which has been provided for us.  As one of the 2 equinoxes in the Wheel of the Year, there is an embrace of the polar opposites in balance with each other. 

Whereas Spring Equinox/Ostara welcomed the lengthening daylight hours, Fall Equinox/Mabon welcomes the increasing dark of the year. From Autumn Equinox to Samhain, it’s time to bed down the animals and land in preparation for winter. The human tribe turns its attention towards wise strategies for the winter months and to the wisdom within. 

 This is the 2nd of the 3 harvest festivals (Lammas, Fall Equinox/Mabon, Samhain)

This is a day of poise and union between the two opposites of light and dark. From this day forward to Winter Solstice, the darkness swiftly takes over the light.

Consider the unfolding of your life from Ostara to Mabon, from Spring Equinox to Autumn Equinox, and cast forth your gratitude for all the accomplishments and fruits of your efforts. Ask where forgiveness can be offered and prepare yourself for the turning in and tuning in within your own psyche.

As the sun enters Libra, it’s time for harmony in your life and to balance the scales with forgiveness and love.

Reflect on what you have harvested and where you wish to let go and surrender a little more.

As the winter quickly approaches, ask what resources you need to gather. Since many of us live in a modern world where the resources are seemingly plentiful, turn to your psyche and consider where you want to prepare yourself for the shift of the inward turning.

Ask where the rational, manifesting DOING self has become imbalanced and consciously invite your intuitive, listening BEING self to awaken.


Decorate your altar with the autumn colors that most resonate with your heart and call forth the wildness and magic of your spirit. Place on your altar symbols of change, abundance and balance. Leave a journal on your altar for the power of life review and when you slip into dreamtime. Adorn your altar with gratitude symbols for your life.

  • Horn of Plenty
  • Colorful Leaves
  • Rattle or Gourd
  • Dreamtime Journal
  • Acorns & Pumpkins
  • Apples & Pomegranate
  • Symbols for your intuition & wisdom
  • Symbols that represent the balance of the feminine & masculine within you


Light a white and black candle on your altar and contemplate the power of balance in your life. Write in your journal how you embrace both the light and the dark. As you meditate, ask where in your life you can invite greater ease and balance, to stop fighting the opposites and embrace the paradox of life and death, light and dark, day and night. 

Invite friends over for a Fall Equinox ritual and ask everyone to bring some warm clothes for the colder months that they no longer wear or feel ready to pass on. Gather all the clothes and offer them as a gift to the homeless people in your neighborhood so they have warm clothes for the coming of winter. 

Comment below to share: What does this change of season mean for you?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!