THE MOTHER is the archetype in the Wheel of the Year who governs the zodiac house of Cancer.

She represents the dark of the moon and the fecund void of deep receptivity – open to be penetrated by ideas or dreams and fertilized by the force of life. She gestates a vision, creative project or baby with utter devotion until she finally births the new into form. She draws the unmanifest into the manifest – the unseen into the seen.

This turn of the wheel governs home, family, the emotional realm, food and generative sustenance of all kinds. The Mother is tender, attentive, warm and forgiving.

Qualities of the Mother archetype include:

  • nurturance
  • receptivity
  • surrender
  • empty presence

Create a Mother Altar

Choose images and objects that represent the MOTHER archetype to you. Remember that the most important thing in building an altar or creating a ritual is that the objects are meaningful to you and hold symbolic power for you.

Trust your intuition.

Possible Altar Objects

Perhaps include images of women who embody the fertility, strength, nurturing and protection of the Mother, animals as the fierce mother (mama bear, lioness protecting her cubs, etc.), your favorite places on Mother Earth or goddesses associated with the Mother archetype:

  • Mother Mary
  • Images of the Madonna and child
  • Durga
  • Hathor
  • Hera
  • Mut

If you are working to heal the matrilineal (Mother Line), you may wish to include an image of your own birth or adopted mother or grandmothers or anyone who has “mothered” you.

Crystals & Gemstones for Fertility, Nurturing, Pregnancy & Childbirth

Here are some suggested crystals from two of my dear friends – Energy Muse and birth doula, Lori Bregman – that connect to the Mother, enhance fertility, pregnancy and aid in childbirth:

  • Moonstone – The stone of fertility. The Moon rules the house of Cancer and is intimately connected to the Mother archetype since the moon is the “mother” of the zodiac. Moonstone symbolizes the reflective nature of the moon and its power to ‘magnetize’ the energy of the sun.
  • Ruby – Known to help with female fertility and male impotence; also the gemstone of the sign of Cancer.
  • Rose Quartz – Since rose quartz holds the energy of love, it can aid in helping to “mother” yourself. Consider sleeping with it or holding it on your belly while you are pregnant or working to conceive.
  • White Chalcedony – Helps the Mother’s Milk flow and aids pregnant women in relieving insomnia.
  • Chrysocolla – Soothes labor pains and alleviates tension while pregnant.


Come into a comfortable seated position. Notice your breathing. Slow down and smooth out your breath until it is almost imperceptible. Use your breath to calm the thinking mind and soften into the deeper levels of awareness. Place your attention in your womb center. Visualize breathing in and out through the lips of your yoni (vulva) to help drop your center of gravity into your womb. You may visualize a moonstone in the center of your womb or a gemstone of any kind which acts to magnetize your prana into the heart of your womb.

Let your belly relax completely and your hips expand in every direction as you breathe deeply. Feel your womb, hips and pelvis form the sacred cauldron of the Great Mother. Feel yourself sitting on the earth or floor as if you were resting on the lap of the Mother. Feel her gentle caress and tender touch all around you.

  • Are there any images that rise in your mind’s eye to represent the Mother?
  • What personality characteristics are most prominent in The Mother for you?
  • What or who do you feel inspired to nurture in your life?
  • How do you most easily connect with your nurturing and nourishing qualities?
  • Where do you need to more gently or more firmly “mother” yourself?

Invoke your inner MOTHER.

  • Listen closely. What does She need or want?
  • What is yearning to express itself through you deep in your bones?

Sit quietly in a deep, inner dialogue with your inner Mother. Perhaps the messages you receive are not in the form of images, feelings, memories or deep knowing…..not words. Feel free to journal or vision board any answers or just let them steep in your bones.

You may want to answer these questions:

  • I just learned…
  • I feel…
  • THE GREAT MOTHER within, wants me to KNOW…

Comment below to share: How do you nurture and nourish yourself?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!