Dakinis are the powerful feminine Beings who fly through the sky in total freedom. Ultimately, they transcend gender but are perceived as feminine forces. They are the wild and uncompromising forces of the naked and free mind.

Wisdom Dakinis stand for feminine enlightenment and they insist upon total freedom and liberation from all suffering. Considered supernatural feminine Beings who fly through space, they exist for the Benefit of All Beings. Vajra Yogini and Tara are two of these auspicious Enlightened Wisdom Dakinis. 

In Sanskrit, dakini means “sky dancer. In Tibetan, the equivalent is khandro, which means “sky goer. As a Being of the sky, the Dakini represents the principle of spaciousness in her wild freedom that is in total service to true liberation. 

  • She is the expanse of the mind that is stable yet free.
  • She is the spacious, non-judgmental loving awareness that is cultivated in the midst of any situation.
  • She is wild, free and uncompromising in her nature.
  • She dances naked in the freedom sky with honesty and wisdom emanating from her to assist true freedom.
  • She shows up in perfect timing to assist the conditioned mind to let go and open into the empty void. 

Dakinis ask us to stop fighting our own true nature and truly rest in our feminine essence as the most natural force of awakening.

Joy and Wildness go hand in hand as ecstatic dance partners helping us to say yes to the embodied dance that is at the root of our life. She embraces the polarites of life with ease and stops fussing around with the trivial matters that consume so much time and energy. She knows the power of stillness within all movement and the stable ground within the wild flow. 

Where there is a dividing wall of separation, she opens a portal of freedom and a wide open door into the magic of the universe. 

The Dakinis help us to eradicate low self-esteem and to build natural lion-hearted confidence as wild and free feminine forces of liberated consciousness.

Our guest teacher Vicki Noble says of the Dakini: 

Vajra Yogini allows you to experience enlightenment in the moment. The whole idea is to relax into the creativity and spontaneity of the Shakti; relax into your Spirituality… the laughter of the Dakini subdues the demons…she wants to subdue all the demons, even the mental demons of hope and fear. She subdues the demons with Splendor! Let’s become splendid as we slay the demons. 

Dakini Power Exercise for your Wild Creative Freedom:

Rest in a beautiful space in your home or out in nature. Breathe deeply and move your in body in a way that feels natural, free and at ease for you. Once you feel relaxed and tuned into your body, sit down with your journal.

For 3 minutes, write in a Stream of Consciousness way in response to this question:

What do you wish to express in your Creative Freedom?

Once you have finished writing, close your eyes and feel into your written expression. When you are ready, softly open your eyes and see what speaks back to you from your written words. Ask what is the essence of your Creative Freedom and write down 3 words to describe it.

These 3 words are your key reminder and anchor for your Magnetic Center of Creative Freedom.

Place these 3 words where you can see them frequently.

Next, answer these questions:

Where am I pushing against the current and trying to force things to happen? 

Where am I trying too hard versus simply being in my essence nature?

Where am I fighting against something instead of dancing in my wild freedom?

Dakini Power celebrates the natural wild freedom of expression that is inherent in every woman. 

Can you be willing to be naked in your Being-ness and drop the intellectual pursuit in trying to understand everything? 

Allow life to magnetize to you through your joy, wildness and effortless expression of being exactly yourself. Offer your creative energy for the Benefit of All Beings and set yourself Free! 

Comment below to share: What are your 3 words to express your Creative Freedom at this time?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!