“The work of the Priestess is to strengthen her vessel through her practices…and clear the space so that Spirit can move through her allowing her to truly be a conduit for the Seen and the Unseen.” ~ Sianna Sherman

For Priestesses of the Avalon tradition, everything begins in the dark – with the encounter of the shadow.

Darkness is Mystery and the space where great Magic can occur.

It is the place you must willingly turn into so that you can truly discover who you are.

As we approach the time of Queen of Death, we find ourselves in the wheel of the year after Fall Equinox and approaching Samhain and Winter Solstice. This is a time for turning inward and new beginnings.

Watch the clip above as Ashley & Sianna discuss the power of Light and Dark and the importance of honoring both sides of yourself as you move through the seasons of life.

The way to truly know the inner light of Self is to confront the darkness by embracing shadow work as a path to self-discovery and balance.

Post a comment below and let us know:

  • What parts of yourself do you turn away from?
  • What are your greatest Shadows?
  • What needs the most attention and love?

Magic is afoot.