The Midwife is the catalyst in the Wheel of the Priestess. She resides in the house of Capricorn and helps you see all possibilities as you move through the doorways of initiation.

She is an initiator, seeker, teacher, advocate, mentor, coach, dakini, sadhaka (worker) & governs abundance and your financial house.

The Midwife stands as a model of strength, steadiness and grace under pressure. She helps you recognize and amplify your gifts – particularly in relationship to your vocation and career. She assists you in crossing the thresholds of life and moving from one phase of your life to another.

She asks: What are you ready to birth and bring into fruition?

The Midwife helps you till and fertilize the soil to prepare for new birth. We often tend to sabotage ourselves right before we are ready to launch into a new growth ring of expansion.

But, she helps you to see your pitfalls, move through fears, not give up and stay true to your heart’s deepest desires.

To do this, she reminds you of your purpose and keeps you on track through gestation, incubation, labor pains and the final, miraculous birth.

The midwife listens well and chooses very clearly how to bring out the highest in people.

She wants you to give birth to your gifts and amplify what you are capable of this lifetime.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Midwife and following your heart’s deepest desires.

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