The Goddess Ixchel is an embodiment of the Medicine Woman who lives in rhythm with the cycles of life and death, understands the intricacies of the web of life and dedicates herself to the healing of humanity.

The Medicine Woman:

  • respects the many modalities of healing and understands the shifting needs of medicine through the cycles and seasons of life
  • listens deeply and is guided by her intuition
  • is in service to the integration and wholeness of life.

Health and Vitality flourish in a woven web of lifestyle choices tailored to the needs and circumstances of each person and living being.

Within this web we find:

  • nourishing foods
  • plant medicine
  • animal allies
  • exercise
  • rest
  • deep breathing
  • conscious living
  • shadow work
  • emotional fluency
  • mental clarity
  • bodywork
  • energy medicine
  • dream tending
  • family and community relations
  • spiritual alignment
  • overall harmony with one’s surroundings.

The Medicine Woman knows all things are interdependent and connected. She listens to the entire story, reads between the lines, and sees the visible and invisible threads of connection.

She facilitates overall wellness and works within the multiple dimensions of healing energies.

Listening and keen observation are key strengths for her because what may be medicine for one being might be poison to another.

Goddess Ixchel is a Triple Goddess who reveals herself as Maiden, Mother and Grandmother. Her forms can be attractive, enchanting, beautiful, loving, all-embracing, fearsome, and terrifying.

As the young Maiden, She is the Goddess of Weaving, in love with the Sun God and may have a rabbit by her side as one of her totem animals. She may wear a serpent on her head as a symbol of medicine and intuitive knowledge while holding a white spring flower in her hand. Maiden Ixchel is exceptionally beautiful and some say far too beautiful for her own good. She is known as “Lady Rainbow”, inspiring hope and goodness in the world.

As the Mother, She is the Goddess of Fertility, Moon and Motherhood. In this face, Ixchel is the consort of the Creator God, Itzamna, who rules with his esoteric knowledge and takes the form of the underwater serpent, feathered snake and lizard. Sometimes refereed to as God D, together with his consort Ixchel, Goddess O, they are the parents of all the other gods. It is said they live in the crown of the Ceiba (“SAY-ba”) Tree where they create through their lovemaking the world and all the people. As Mother, she may also have the rabbit with her as a fertility symbol. For the Maya people, the rabbit symbolizes the phases of the moon and the Mother governs the moon cycles in a woman’s body through her menstrual phases. In Maya lore, Ixchel chooses the face and sex of every child in utero.

As the Grandmother, She is known as both Earth and Moon Goddess, presiding over the plant medicines, moon, rains and death. When her children die, she receives them with her full embrace back into the earth. As Grandmother, she is revered as the greatest of Wisdom Keepers with accumulated spiritual knowledge and intuitive wisdom. Like the Maiden, she wears a snake on her head and holds a clay water pot, symbolic of pouring rain down to fertilize the earth. She is in charge of the medicinal plants and is intimate with the cycles of life and death.

Ixchel is often referred to as a Moon and Water Goddess, with her abode in every phase of the moon and every form of water. It is said that when she is in a good mood, the rains nourish the lands and when she is in a bad mood, there are hurricanes, storms and floods. She is associated with all bodies of water: creeks, streams, rivers, cenotes, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, mists and in every rainbow. Her body is infused with the water droplets and sparkling prisms that create rainbows in the sky.

Ixchel is also an Earth Goddess, weaving the tapestry of life, working with the plant medicines, and turning her womb jar upside down to nourish the crops of the lands. She is a powerful healer who remembers the origins of all life on the planet and intimately knows the rhythms of the earth.

Many traditions of the healing arts have adopted the Goddess Ixchel as their patroness and guiding force. She is considered the guardian of doctors, midwives, healers and shamans. Ultimately, Ixchel shows the way of healing from within.

When the Goddess Ixchel appears in your life, She is calling you to your true power as a woman and to saying YES to your life by saying NO to the places that are depleting your energy and draining your vitality.

She insists that you honor the cycles of your journey, including the courageous plunge to the death of your ego so you can experience the fullness of your metamorphosis at this time in your life.

Comment below to share: How is Ixchel calling you right now? Are you wiling to walk away from life-draining circumstances and relationships?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!