Fire heart in clouds

Nov. 7th. 2016
The Night before Trump was our president

Today in America, We Blatantly Shift
From History to Her Story
Moving into an Era of Intuition and Compassion
And Away from Guts and Glory

Today Marks the Time when Women are Allowed to Shine
And Begin to Unwind and Purify from all these years
Of living in the Dark and in the Shadows
No longer will we Hang from the Gallows
For using our Mysticism as our Primary Tool

But Women, My Feminine Warriors
May we Not act like fools
And tip this ship overboard with our
Goddesses armed and ready for war

This is an Era of Bringing Forth Union.
Honoring the Masculine and the Feminine in Everyone.
Let this Song be Sung Loud and Clear
For the Whole World to Hear:



pachamama-1Love will Steer us to a Gracious Place
Where we can Honor our Earth Mama
Who has Given to us Unconditionally

Pachamama. It is Time to give you Attention
Live Vulnerably and with Embodied Sensation
We are the New Generation
We are a Badass Form of Creation

But We Share this Planet
We are Not the Rulers of all

Stand Tall in Your ability to Speak your Heart
And Do what your Purpose is. Really. Just Start.

Let’s Stop Putting Ourselves and Others in an Airtight Cage
Cut off from Oxygen with no room to Engage
In this Sacred Dance of Life
That is actually Fun and there really is No Reason to Live in Strife

If we could All look Each Other in the eye and say Hi
Hi Fellow Human. My Fellow Seed of Creation,
I think there is room for Us to Share this Nation

Why is it So Damn Hard to say I Love You?
Well I Love You. It’s True.
And I Love living a life of Freedom

It All starts with You and Me
Doing our Work to Honor Our Sadness and Hardships
Being Vulnerable so we don’t Rip each other to Shreds
Let’s Live from our Hearts and Less with our Heads

We ARE the New Generation
This IS the Love Revolution
We have a chance to CHANGE Evolution
Let’s STOP Living in the Boxy Institution
And Live out of Love Instead.

By Chelsea Kyle Gifford

Chelsea is a 27 year old woman, guide, and writer. Her current pursuit is learning about the masculine and feminine in hopes of bringing honesty, healing, and communication to relationships. She is in the process of the yearlong Urban Priestess Mystery Training and HayHouse Writer’s Course. Her passion is working with young people to express themselves through the art of poetry. She was previously a wilderness therapy guide and her goal is to continue the use of wilderness as a medium for healing and strengthening.