One of the most potent tools for accessing your full power on the path of the Priestess is to fully attune to your yoni and menstrual cycle. As you acknowledge the wisdom and power available to you during your moon cycle, you begin to heal the world’s split of denying the feminine.

Through honoring your moon cycle, you begin to honor yourself as a woman by revering the body, blood, emotions, intuition, shadow and messiness of She.

You will begin to rightfully recognize the time of your moon cycle as the threshold between worlds; a doorway straddling the sticky, physical, human reality and the sublime, spiritual nuance of deeper truths beckoning.

Organizing your life around your menstrual cycle is one of the primary keys to empowerment because you are honoring the natural ebb and flow of your life blood and Shakti Prana each month – the most valuable resource you have.

Take the first 3 days of your bleeding, or of the new moon if you are not menstruating, to minimize outward distractions & responsibilities. Use this time to draw inward, listen closely, release, heal and wisely choose your next steps.

Watch the video above to learn more about truly aligning with your body’s natural inclinations.

It’s up to each one us to create this shift that supports a new way of being in the world that is more feminine.

Post a comment below and let us know: how do you honor your moon cycle?