What is your relationship with money?

Money holds the biggest shadow for many of us. It is crucial that you take on the role of Midwife in birthing your dreams into reality as you reconcile and integrate any stories of scarcity, doubt, insecurity, greed, financial ignorance or fear.

One of the most important steps in cultivating financial empowerment and building a healthy relationship with money is to understand your money story.

Thoughts become things.

Our beliefs create our reality.

The way of the Priestess is to know that your most subtle thoughts and unconscious patterns are weaving your reality every moment of the day.

This means you have an enormous amount of power to design the life of your dreams and choose your thoughts wisely.

Most of us inherited our initial money story from our parents.

Our ancestral wounds center around a basic core trust in the Universe: ABUNDANCE MENTALITY


A basic mistrust of the Universe: SCARCITY MENTALITY

Grab your journal and take some time to reflect on these questions: 

  • Did your mother have a ‘glass half full’ attitude, believe things were going to work out and “the Universe has your back”? Or have a scarcity mentality?
  • Your father?
  • How did your mother and father’s attitude towards money affect their relationships and the family system?
  • Do you hold abundance mentality toward finances, or are you operating from a scarcity mentality?
  • What emotions do you experience regularly around financial decisions?
  • How has money expanded or contracted your life now?

Post a comment below and let us know: What is ready to change in your relationship with your money?