Crystals are powerful allies and tools for the Urban Priestess. They help align, invoke, activate and clear specific energies. Since they are easily accessible, relatively inexpensive and portable, they are perfect tools to carry on you, use in ritual and travel with.

It is important to clear and cleanse your crystals as soon as you receive them to release any other energies they may have “picked up” along the way and neutralize them for your work.

Below are some of the best methods to use to cleanse and clear your crystals and gemstones. As in any ritual practice, the most important practice is to hold a high intention and trust your intuition in your practice.

Focus on investing in and creating a relationship with your crystals. As in any relationship we form with our healing allies, it is a two-way street. Listen to them. Respect them. Feel into them and trust their healing power.

Cleansing & Clearing Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are living, vibrational beings extracted directly from the depths of Mother Earth. They have long been respected and revered by many healing arts traditions. They vibrate to subtle but powerful energies and assist with healing, manifesting and shifting energies. Crystals are a magnet absorbing any and all negative energy, so cleanse them regularly especially when using in healing.


Use sweet grass, sage or palo santo. Smoke is profoundly cleansing. Simply pass the crystals through the smoke and it will clear negative energy. Native Americans use smudging as a way to clear and cleanse many things including crystals and ritual objects. Before you begin any ritual, smudge all objects that you will use. Smudge all new rocks that you bring home right away to release any imprints from previous owners or use.


The moonlight from a Full Moon (purna chandra) is especially powerful to cleanse your crystals and recharge them. Creating a simple crystal bath is a lovely way to craft a ritual to honor the Full Moon and follow moon cycles. Gather all of your crystals and sacred jewelry outside on the night of the full moon. Place them ceremoniously. In the morning, take them back into the house before noon, because after noon, the sun becomes too strong and can drain the crystals’ energy.

Before setting your crystals out to bathe in the full moonlight, gently wash them in a little purified water the day before the full moon.

CAUTION: When placing gems outside overnight, be sure they are safe and not susceptible to birds or other creatures (raccoons) disturbing them.

Mother Earth

Bury your crystals in the earth and leave them there for 24 hours. Crystals and gemstones come from the earth so when you bury them, it is as if they are returning home. They rejuvenate and revive themselves as they spend time back in the earth.

Remember that the earth contains moisture so for those stones that should not be put into water it could affect or scratch them (see above). If you live in an apartment or without a yard, you may wish to use a container of earth and place that container of earth in your home while you bury your crystals and allow them to recharge. If your crystal has a point place them facing downward to release the negative energies back to mother earth.


Selenite is a stone that never needs cleansing of its own in fact having selenite with other crystals, gemstones, and jewelry will help you to keep those gemstones cleansed. You can also place your other stones on a selenite bar for 24 hours and the selenite will cleanse the stones of unwanted energies.

Post a comment below and let us know: what crystals are you currently working with?