How to Create Sacred Space In Your Home

Sianna Sherman & Ashley Turner Present...

The Art of the Feminine Virtual Workshop Series 

How to Create Sacred Space In Your Home

My favorite tools and practices to create your own sacred space for meditation, prayer, reflection, and reconnection to yourself and Spirit

Join this Free LIVE Workshop to Discover:

  • How to use your intuition to pick the right sacred space for you
  • Tips to cleanse and clear the area and prepare the space for your creative, spiritual, or meditation practice 
  • How to create an altar (what items to include and how to incorporate them into your practice) 
  • The importance of resonance & beauty to hold the right energetic intention for your space 
  • How to establish a spiritual practice that you can take with you anywhere to feel more centered, grounded and home or on-the-go

Why Sacred Space is Important & How It Can Help You Heal

"Creating an area of your home as a sacred space gives you room to discover the deepest desires of your heart as you engage in any creative or spiritual practice. Whether it's meditation, prayer, song, yoga or art...this is a place where you can reconnect to yourself and to Spirit.

In this virtual workshop, I'll give you a glimpse into my personal spiritual practices and how I intentionally create the space. I'll also share some ideas to help you turn any area into a beautiful, resonant environment for healing and reflection. I so look forward to this conversation with you!"

Ashley Turner: Co-Founder Urban Priestess Mystery School