Are you ready to come back to your full presence & power?

As women, one of our greatest shadow qualities is separation.

As you separate from qualities within yourself that you prefer to turn away from, this is projected into the world and causes you to separate from others.

Separation leads to comparison and competition – and robs you of your deep inherent joy, peace & contentment.

All of the practices of the Priestess tradition are in place to help you return to a place of beautiful communion with the Divine Feminine nature. These practices bring you back into your full presence – your full power. And allow you to stand in Sisterhood with the women around you from a place of deep trust, collaboration & love.

One way you can begin to heal this separation is by creating rituals in your life where women come together in a powerful way. One of the greatest practices for this is hosting new moon circles.

New Moon in Libra conjunct Sun in Libra

October 8, 2018 8:47 pm PDT

The purpose of the moon circle is to come together, hold space for each other, and share what’s truly going on inside.

We invite you now: Think of 3-5 women that you think would be interested in coming together in this way.

Once you have your list, watch the video above for tips to help you start your own new moon circle.

Comment below to share: What is your favorite way to come together in Sisterhood?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!