The Wise Woman is the great, revered elder of the zodiac and the Wheel of the Priestess. She regally takes her place in the Throne of the Crone.

The Wise Woman recognizes that aging is a privilege, her accumulated years of life experience breed humility, quiet confidence and a deep inner knowing. She is patient and kind, yet does not hesitate to share a lesson or teaching with those who come seeking wisdom.

She is the embodiment of the Triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother & Crone.

Through her life experience, she has been installed with authentic living wisdom. She is the Hagia Sophia, “the Holy Wisdom” and humbly wears the Crown of the Crone as her diadem of Sovereignty and hard earned understanding of what really matters in life. She patiently probes the mysteries of life, nature and Self.

The Wise Woman does not fear change or death and therefore cannot be easily controlled or manipulated.

Women possessing this wisdom and resulting power were often feared and exiled by patriarchal forces – hence, the Wise Woman/Crone became demonized as the “hag” or “witch”. Yet, she resolutely remains as the Wise One holding the knowledge of the mysteries with her staff of power.

In the Wise Woman tradition of healing, the primary foundation of healing is: “Do Nothing”.

This is not an abdication of responsibility but the power of observation and inner listening.

The Wise Woman knows deep in her bones that every life experience is an opportunity to grow and the foundation for growth is inner listening.

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