I would love someday to be able to sit in a complete circle of Urban Priestess Mystery School sisterhood and hear each woman tell of the serendipities and symbols that led her onto the Path and how the Priestess lives through her.

For me, it was a direct answer to a longing for full integration. Stepping into the Urban Priestess Mystery School experience was a response to my Soul’s call to to bring together decades of healing, philosophical inquiry, spiritual journeying, practices as a Yogini, ritual work JourneyDance practitioner and creating spontaneous ceremony in solitude.

Having traversed deep darkness and trauma throughout maidenhood and motherhood with a heart oriented towards love, light and truth, I was carrying an unfulfilled longing for true sisterhood.

After many synchronistic twists led me to first Pilgrimage to Avalon, I landed in the circle of women Sianna and Ashley magnetized. There I sensed that I had indeed found the tribe, the school, the experience, the cauldron where this integration that I sensed was upon me would evolve.

One of the deepest longings of my heart at that time was to step into a true collaboration: a process of visioning, creating and facilitating with another woman that would unfold organically, reflect our gifts and a shared vision in a way that was supportive, easeful, fun and of service. 

On that first Pilgrimage to Avalon I met Christine Koth, who had yet to sign up for the 13 moons school. We shared stimulating conversation, clear points of connection and spent time together that week, while connecting independently with other sisters who we’ve gone on to develop friendships with too.

Following the pilgrimage Christine and I shared a Skype conversation in which we discovered that we had similar experiences in attempting to collaborate with other women that fell short of our hopes. As we dove into the 13 moons, we also leaped into a collaboration on a shared vision.

I came through the first live retreat inspired and lit up. I returned home having offered myself in full surrender to the Queen of Death. Thinking I would go home and spend the winter visioning, creating and manifesting, I was a bit taken back when I was pulled under deep into the valley of death where I spent the winter months dancing with the shadows that awaited me.

With the support of the material and sisterhood, I gave myself over and devoted time and energy to the practices, ritual and ceremony. I put my trust in the process knowing that my Soul had guided me here in answer to the deepest desires of my heart.

At Imbolc, the time of quickening, I stood in the woods in delight and awe when literally like clockwork I emerged enlivened and enlightened by what I learned in those months of dancing with my shadow in deep inquiry, peace making and offering to the alchemical flames that which needed to be transmuted and transformed for all the visioning, creativity and manifestation I sensed was around the corner to unfold.

On the momentum of this turn of the wheel, Christine and I lead our first Evolutionary Adventure together in March 2016. This was the gift of the first cycle of earnestly offering myself to the process in alignment with the forces and cycles of nature.

With each turn of the wheel I have found myself experiencing the deep integration that I called forward. Journeying in sisterhood, being supported by Ashley and Sianna, who by opening themselves up and allowing the process to challenge, test and evolve themselves are manifesting their Urban Priestess Mystery School in service of all women to heal the wounds of patriarchy, balance the masculine and feminine within and call each of us to embody the Priestess as clear vessel.

I truly stand in awe of how the material continues to deepen and unfold within me as I cycle back through the 13 moons again. Going deeper, layer by layer, I expand in my capacity to engage fully with each archetype of the Priestess. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 18 months because truly a lifetime worth of integration has transpired.

I have launched Evolving Mindfully, Evolutionary Adventures (with Christine) and Evolutionary Adornment (with another dear sister/collaborator), birthing visions that were incubating for years. I have become a certified astrologer, finding a system to lens my intuitive gifts as a spiritual guide. I have grown as a wife, mother, daughter, a women and become a member of a community of Priestesses whose light will change the world!

I look upon moons ahead with awe and openness to all that may be.