Solar Lammas: July 31 – August 2

Lunar Lammas: July 27, 2018 

Lammas, Lughnasagh, Lughnasad, Lugnasa, Feast of Lugh, Lammastide, Harvest Home, Feast of Bread, Feast of the Grain Mother, Ceresalia, 1st Harvest, Festival of Gathering

Lammas is the “Festival of Gathering In” and the celebration of the Grain Goddess and Grain Mother. The Earth has great manifesting power and it’s time to harvest the corn and grain. The Solar Deity is celebrated and honored for his light and power. As his light begins to wane, his energy goes back into the earth and is sacrificed to become nourishment for the grain. 

Lammas is considered to be the 1st of the 3 harvests, followed by Mabon/Fall Equinox and Samhain. 

  1. Lammas – 1st Harvest of Grain
  2. Mabon – 2nd Harvest of Fruits
  3. Samhain – 3rd Harvest of Nuts & Berries

As with all the great Fire Festivals, the ceremonial bonfire is lit on the eve of the festival. On Lammas Eve, the bonfire is lit to honor the Grain Mother as she gives birth to her child the grain. In England, one of the famous sites for the Lammas bonfire is Silbury Hill, in Avebury (the largest stone circle in Europe ~Avebury is steeped in the feminine energies).

The polar opposite of Lammas is Imbolc, the time of lactation. Lammas represents the grain and Imbolc represents the milk of the Great Mother.  

Rhythm of Lammas

The rhythm of life is filled with Blessing Energy amidst the bittersweet remembrance that death is necessary for rebirth.

The power of the Sun will quickly wane from this point forward as the harvest cycle is now initiated from Lammas through Samhain, which then becomes the darkest cycle of the year.

The rhythm is still extroverted yet there is a great turning in and the intuitive doorway opens more. We are asked to count our blessings and to contemplate what seeds have not come into fruit in our lives. We ask ourselves if our intentions are truly of the highest accord and of the highest vibration. 

  • Draw strength from the still vibrant sun and the golden fields.
  • Make wishes for your life and be part of community gatherings.
  • Gather around bonfires, tell stories from the summer, gaze into the night sky, sleep under the stars and moon and wish upon the stars.
  • Celebrate Sacred Marriage at the myriad of handfastings and weddings in the month of August, as well as the gypsy spirit of fairs and festivals.
  • Be willing to open up your imagination and let yourself have Technicolor dreams of pure joy and delight.
  • Create a vow of renewal for yourself and of your Highest Intention as you dedicate your life for the Benefit of All Beings.

Lammas Magic

Write a letter of Gratitude for all the abundance in your life and for everything that has come to fulfillment in this year. Include in this letter your words of gratitude for your physical life and the Mother & Father energies that have helped you along the way. 

This is a good time for Prosperity Magic. Mint is one of the main herbal allies for Prosperity. 

Create an incense blend for Lammas. A nice combination can include: 

Rose, Mint, Vervain, Meadowsweet, Calendula & Frankincense 

Brooms and besoms associated with Lammas. Tie magical ribbons on the broom with sprigs of fresh mint and symbolically sweep the abundance of Lammas into your home at the threshold of your front door. 

Lammas Altar

Create an Altar of Abundance!

Use colored cloths of rich gold and colors of the Sun. 

Have a big basket of overflowing fruits, vegetables and flowers on your altar and as you place each food into the basket, call out the Blessings of your Life. 

Place a Corn Mother or Corn Dolly on your altar and put photos or symbols of your Mother and Father on the Corn Mother to fully honor your parents, whether you know them or not, whether you are in conflict with them or at peace. Honor the source of your life in this physical embodied form and pray for the power of forgiveness to flood through you. 

Include images and symbols  of the Sun, Grain Mother and the Harvesting of Grain.  

Decorate with flowers of the Sun, like Sunflowers, Calendula and Poppies.

Comment below to share: Create your own Lammas Ritual and/or Altar. Explain how the symbolism of your ritual or altar relates to this turning of the wheel in your own life.

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!