Do you wish to express your creativity more freely but feel blocked or aren’t sure how?

The Muse archetype, in the astrological house of Gemini, asks you to look deeply into the call of your Soul and ask how you can co-create with the Universe. The Muse is here to support you to live your purpose through your own unique creative expression.

Breathe life into your dreams: Inspire and be inspired.

When you empower the Muse within yourself, you call to be plunged into the river of your own unique creativity – how Spirit and consciousness filters through your specific body-mind-heart. Often our holding back can be remedied by reinforcing our connection to Spirit.

When you remember who you really are – you are able to let go of the outcome and focus on the journey of self-expression and creativity instead.

The key to relishing in your creativity is to open yourself a pure channel for Spirit and surrender the outcome.

But, what does that mean?

urban-priestess-muse-creativityLet go of perfectionism. Let go of knowing how it will look or what exactly you should do.

When you release expectation, you open the field of creativity and allow yourself to play.

When you are having FUN, you know you are doing it RIGHT.

The spirit of play, fun, frivolity, spontaneity and lightness defines the Muse. You let yourself play just for the sake of play itself. You open yourself to art, for the sheer joy of self-expression. You inspire by embodying, by being. You lead by example. You heal through color, beauty, symbol, sound, song, dance and art.

Accessing and expressing the passion in your soul depends on unity with one’s self (Heirosgamos: masculine and feminine together in harmony). The Muse encourages you to examine our fears and limitations around living our passion.

You have your own gifts, talents and natural abilities to share. You are here to teach each others lessons that only you can share through your art, self-expression and play.

The Muse is all about SHARING.

Sharing your Self, your passions, your talents, inspirations and fears. As we share more of our authentic selves, we return the balance of life – giving and receiving true abundance as our birthright. The Muse fills us with warmth, joy, goodness and melts us back into the heartspace of play, pleasure and joy.

Here are some of the best ways to access your creativity and open the floodgates of self-expression:

SOLITUDE. Spend time nurturing your creative spirit to allow it develop. Go to the art store. Buy yourself your favorite art or craft supplies. Take yourself on an “Artist’s Date” (as Julia Cameron recommends in ‘The Artist’s Way”‘). When you date yourself and honor your inner artist, she feels seen, heard, respected, cherished and appreciated. The Muse is seductive and likes to be seduced. Like all aspects of the unconscious….you can seduce her to rise and reveal herself in her full glory. Like all Queens, she most appreciates attention and affection. Be kind, gentle.

COMMUNE WITH NATURE. Mother Nature is the ultimate Creatrix. Immersing yourself in her infinite beauty and perfect creativity reminds you that you are a generative and generous being. Go for a hike. Take a leisurely walk around the park. Visit the beach, zoo, mountains or even observe the life and growth cycle of a potted plant on your balcony or porch. Notice the natural ebb and flow of Shakti. Trust that when the season is fallow – another birth will inevitably arise.

SILENCE THE INNER CRITIC. Become intimate with what tapes are running in your head:

  • Who’s internalized voice is holding you back?
  • What is it saying? You’re too much, not enough, someone has already done this, you’re not ready?
  • Track back the Inner Critic to the Original Wound.
  • Did you have a coach, teacher, parent, friend who crushed or minimized your creativity?
  • Are they a frustrated artist themselves?

Reverse the inner critic by turning the critique into an affirmation. Practice the affirmation daily or multiple times a day to recondition the unconscious mind.

INVITE THE MUSES. Pray. Meditate. The Goddess answers our call. Ask for her presence. Ask for creativity and the Muses to visit you and inspire you. Keep your creative space inviting and your schedule free enough to allow for spontaneity and play. Turn on some music. Dance around. Be silly. Read something for pure inspiration. Ask for the Muses and they will arrive. Stay patient, open, empty and trust.

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

~ Ursula K. LeGuin

Comment below to share: How is creativity flowing through you? What inspires you?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!