She is your gift
to the world,

potential floating
in a fetal position
inside a cavern
filled with shadows
and familiarity
that she has outgrown.

Reach for her
as she is expelled
from the fecund
depths of the womb,
through the straightjacket

tunnel of fear,
hands bound
to her side.

Cut the birthing cord
noose that kept her
upside down
inside the pulsing
crimson-skinned story

of scarcity
and abandonment,
the illusions
that accompany

Hold her close
to your heartbeat
under the moonlight,
and tell her
she is possibility,

woven from passion
and the vulnerability
of a voice
that is new
to the world.

Breathe fire
into her soul
and open her
to grace.

You are the one
for whom
she has been waiting.

Poetry by our beautiful Urban Priestess Apprentice: Nanci Pritchard
January 22, 2017