For moon 12, our archetype was the healer and the lessons amplified my compassion. We shared our sacred wounds and witnessing them, seeing so clearly how everyone had transformed their wounds into gifts, was so empowering. It made me think of Zoe Leonard’s poem about who we ask to lead us.

The sharing of this tribe is so incredible. Such a gift.

I’ve been resisting writing this moon because after The Healer there is only one moon left and it feels bittersweet to get ready to move on to the next stage. Of course, the wonderful thing about the Urban Priestess course is that we can experience it again each year, but this pre-emptive nostalgia feels right for me. An acknowledgement that I am part of something truly special and it’s changing. I have learnt so much. The best thing I’ve learnt is that I may have to keep learning the same lessons over and over again.

Take this, for example. I pushed myself, lost focus and hurt my arm in yoga. By the end of the day my range of pain free motion was diminishing and my shoulder was beginning to freeze. But this time I could put enough space around it to tell myself to take advantage that I live in London and head to Chinatown and let myself be pummelled by a very funny woman I was a bit scared of. This bit of self-care, which I previously would have dismissed as indulgent, saved me so much time. It worked. Funny Scary Masseuse Lady relaxed all the muscles of my neck and shoulders so that I could rest properly and for the next few days that’s what I did. Arms are, as you no doubt intuitively know, extensions of the heart, representing how we relate to ourselves and others. This made so much sense to me with regards to my current situation. Of course I would hurt my arm now! (I would have face-palmed but couldn’t lift my arm above my breast-line.)

The symbolic stories around wounds show me how to understand and respect them. It makes sense to my soul.

sacredalchemy_of_soulLearning how to ask for help is such a wonderful gift. Luckily, with Urban Priestess we have a built-in network of unique healers all over the world. I wanted the comfort of closeness and connection and went to fellow Priestess Bridget Luff’s yoga class. She knew exactly how to hold me and give me space to heal. It was extraordinary and magical and what we all have within us.

I notice more and more that by respecting myself and caring for myself, I can recognise and appreciate the caring other people are offering. I listen more and, inspired, offer what I can, too. It makes the world glow softly with connection.

Here I want to shout out to Michelle Obama because, politics aside, I loved that she wasn’t going to let patriarchal wounds go unsalved. By speaking out about all women’s right to respect, she healed us all a little bit.

Healing confronts us with what is and asks us to accept what is happening in this very moment, to face the dark in the presence of the light, but then it invites us to transform. This is where the alchemy begins and I have learnt that Urban Priestess are sacred alchemists.

I am surrounded by gold.

Magic is Afoot.