Oh Money. Not to be talked about in polite society, don’t you know. Sometimes not even within our closest relationships. That huge, unavoidable taboo – money.

Yes, that’s where we were this moon; Money. Money, a topic with some tender sides just after the holidays! The thought “Isn’t January a long month?’ nestles up to the temptation of, “Ooh there are sales.”

lakshmiOur archetype for this moon was The Midwife and she was looking after us as we investigated our strengths and challenges with our careers which often include hindering attitudes to ‘filthy lucre’. Gulp. And so we talked. Honestly and openly and lovingly. Love and money – unlikely bedfellows, I thought at first. I had allowed money in my previous awareness to be, at root, dirty, conning, trapping, inflated, a necessary evil. In short, money had a bad name.

Now, I’m coming to understand that money can be fresh-minted, it can mean goodnesss, it’s a transmission of energy and I can choose what to deliver, and it has a new name: Lakshmi.

Yet even in the face of an ever-abundant, generous goddess, how our fears can interrupt us. Suddenly, I was very busy – ha! – I stopped doing the course, I just din’t have time, you see? Excuses abounded. I felt like Capricorn’s symbolic goat trying to climb a very difficult mountain. Except my goat’s feet were scrabbling on flimsy rocks and I was really falling. What I didn’t know until this moon, was that Capricorn goats have whale tails. They can dive deep and that’s where this moon took me. Under.

It was a curious feeling, to be underwater and yet still be able to watch myself swimming. In the tumult of my deflection I could see that my ego self was desperately tying to secure the status quo, in my case, sustain a lack of accountability around money. But my true desire, is sovereignty and I had unbeknownst to myself already started the real mountain climb years ago.

The happy acknowledgement that this work may not be “done” in a month is as true a support as my sisters finding their own money moves and sharing them. I will undoubtedly have to dance with my shadow around money many more times but I keep learning new steps and the dances are more and more beautiful each time.

And I was lucky this moon, I had a beautiful image of what the connection of love and money can bring sitting shiny on my desk right in front of me in the form of a Costa Rica guidebook. I was on the verge of an adventure. I was about to head to Sianna’s yoga teacher training on the other side of the world.

In the jungle.

Magic Is Afoot.