Sianna TT

*Note: Our lovely Priestess blogger was in Costa Rica with Sianna, so moon 4 and moon 5 will be delivered to you a bit after the fact. For today, we look back to moon 5 and The Visionary Archetype.

This is the dawning of a brand new Aquarius…

Three years ago I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be a yoga teacher by 2017. This last visionary moon I completed my 200HR with Sianna in Costa Rica. It was wondrous.

I wrote a wish three years ago and it came true. (Warning: Once you’ve seen a vision, it’s hard to shake.)

My vision of being a yoga teacher may seem fairly prosaic. Maybe even small. But that’s the thing with visions, they have their own energy and once they begin to manifest there’s no stopping them. My vision, by no means complete, has already changed my world.

Last year I started on the vision in a very sensible way. I chose an excellent and practical course in my home town. Unfortunately, I ran out of money, some dates clashed and I had to hold off for a year. This vision of mine didn’t want to be sensible. It wanted to be outrageous and daring and unexpected. Which is how I came to experience my sweatiest Imbolc ever – springtime in The Osa Pacifico! – as I took my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Sianna in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica! The extremity! The indulgence! The adventure! Visions in my experiences can turn out wilder than first thought, and are often greater than we have dared to dream. As in life, sometimes we even limit ourselves in our visions, luckily our true selves know how to be see the whole picture. Which can be a shock if, like me, you tend to leave home without your glasses a lot.

I couldn’t quite believe I was in a world where scarlet macaws announce their own beauty with a joyful squawk before they flash past painting the sky red, yellow and blue. Their delighted boasts always pulled a grin onto my face. Even when I felt homesick.

St_Brigid_Crosses_iCAnd I did. I had to learn how to be at home in the jungle. That it was my home all along. I made a Bridget’s cross out of driftwood and palm leaves. Thank goodness the unfamiliar has the power to bring us home to ourselves.

That vision doesn’t have to be lonely is a liberating discovery.

That in fact, our vision brings us into connection with our sacred community, our Kula. These friends who you meet by treading towards your vision have been waiting to welcome you with open arms all along. Just look at the sisters here on this course. Your vision is longing to grow and the universe is waiting to nourish it.

Those are big words. I have to work on a new vision now. What am I going to do next? Well, I have the visionaries Ashley and Sianna to inspire me, and through their vision a host of fabulous priestesses who can inspire me too. I am blessed. I see circles and circles of community around me. From the dear new friends of my yoga teacher training, to a humble moon circle of three in a hotel lobby, to my very normal flatmates at home, I realise I am surrounded and surrounded by Kulas.

Heart Tribe.