Whoosh! I returned home from the other side of the world, and I expected reality to whip around me like a winter wind. But, truly, instead, this past moon has been a gentle breeze bringing me home. It has been full of gifts.

dream_literalOur archetype this moon is the Mystic and we have been holding space for the meditative and the ecstatic. It has been education. It felt ironic to me that focusing on The Mystic would ground me but it has. Everywhere I look, life has been upgraded to High Definition, which plugs me back into the earth even more. There is a sweet recognition in what I see –signs and symbols have taken on a new clarity, gilded by synchronicity and intuition.

Here are a few vignettes of beautiful moments I was lucky enough to receive this past moon:

I saw an advert to rent a canal boat in the staff room of a yoga centre where I volunteer. The rent was cheap, especially for London, and on a laugh I sent it to my boyfriend who every so often wistfully jokes about buying a houseboat instead of paying extortionate rent. Well, what do you know, he is going to be a barge boy from the end of this month. He’s embracing a whole new life style from the beginning of May. He’ll have to move moorings every two weeks. His restless spirit loves the adventure. He’ll have the comforts of home but a new view every fortnight! He loves the city but craves the sea and I think living on the water may just be the right balance.

Follow your whims!

Speaking of my beloved, our sex life has re-awakened with the spring. Hurrah! There is a newness and freshness to our love that is blossoming with the trees. Jai Ostara!

Other Springly activities include cleaning and clearing out. Ah, the happy simplicity of organising my sock drawer. The charity shops near me are doing well as I shed unnecessary items, allowing more flow to my space. I can breathe more easily and I’ve been closing my eyes and chuckling at the raucous, happy birdsong in the mornings. I want to know what they’re talking about!

On the Full Moon I was in the pub (I am British) for lunch. At the table next to me were four women in their forties. They were talking about everything: clothes, periods, menopause, fertility, children, abortions, partners, the sanctuary of women’s refuge centres, haircuts and chocolate. Birdsong. They were drinking wine and there was listening and laughing. I was so moved. I thought about the circles of women across the world who have met under full moons and I was so thankful that our true nature finds a way. I followed my gut, took a deep breath and on my way out, I told them I’d been earwigging, that I was grateful for hearing them speak so honestly, that this was a full moon and that they were Priestesses and that I wished every woman could have heard them. They looked worried and guarded, then bemused and then there was a new light in their faces. I disappeared.

On the bus an old London gent started to talking to me. His name is Len. He’d just been to the hospital, and the doctor had told him to get out of his office. ‘You’re completely healthy,’ the doctor had said. ‘It was my check-up’, said Len, grinning. ‘They can cure cancer you know.’ Len walked me home. It turns out we’re neighbours and I thought how lucky we are to be in a world where they can cure cancer.

This course has helped me tremendously with my thoughts about death. I went to the funeral of a very good man. The church was packed with family and friends. He lived near the Lake District in England and loved the hills. They were his joy. It was a beautiful affirmation of the redemptive, nourishing connection with nature and the deep truth that you can live a good life and that that light will continue to shine. Blessed be.

I had a prophetic dream. This course has been teaching us to respect our dreams and to acknowledge their power from the first. That simple perspective has made all the difference. How sweet it is that in the moon of the Mystic I dreamed a happy truth. When I discovered that what I had dreamt was true, I couldn’t stop smiling. It felt so right.

It was a shock to me to realise that it has not even been a year since I went to Avalon with Ashley and Sianna last summer and yet my life has changed so quickly. The trip wrought such deep friendships and I truly have more sovereignty. I am crafting a beautiful life. Someone asked me what the Avalon trip was like and I warned them to be careful.

All my dreams have come true, I said.

It makes such a huge difference to know that I am bound to a bountiful web of loving, supporting sisters. We are changing the world with our compassionate action. I think because of our kula, a way I can be of service to my community came to me clearly in meditation. I am setting up a free conversation table in my local coffee shop so people can stop by and practice their English. I want to help those who feel isolated by the language barrier and give them the confidence to be a part of our community more vocally.

My meditations have started showing me something else too – a beautiful forest warrior woman with a bow a quiver of arrows at her back and an arrow in her hand, a thick French braid falls over one shoulder. Every time I see her she turns on her heel and walks into the woods. I know she wants me to follow her. I’m getting ready for the next moon, The Warrioress.

Magic Is Afoot.