Open and Empty.

Patience and Trust.


Water is the element associated with the Priestess archetype. It symbolizes intuition, the emotional realm, fluidity, flexibility, dissolution and the waters of life. The chalice represents an empty, open vessel ready to receive and contain the waters of life and pure consciousness.

The chalice and the water element are associated with the womb, vagina, yoni, our second chakra or svadhisthana.

As the priestess, we use our whole being to cultivate centered, empty presence in order to offer ourselves as a clear channel in service to Spirit and all beings. We learn to work skillfully and elegantly with the energies of our yoni or womb center as well as our emotional and spiritual bodies to clear them of ‘static’, excess or depletion that will cloud our vision, intuition and clear perception.

The priestess uses her intuition, emotional body, physical sensations and dreamworld to discern truth and help others see their reflection more clearly. In this way, we act as the scrying bowl or mirror itself. Our mind, heart and energetic field are so clear and resonant, void of attachment and assumption – that others soften in our presence, able to see their truth more lucidly. A priestess serves to help others see their gifts, life lessons and remember themselves as Divine beings. She helps to illuminate the larger wheel of life – always upleveling the conversation to the Soul level and reflecting the holographic essence in any situation.

A priestess is sovereign.

Her center of gravity rooted deep within. Rather than turning to external sources of validation and information, she attunes to her inner wellspring of wisdom and inner knowing. Her womb acts as an aquifer – pooling, stirring and supplying the waters of her deepest knowing. Her dreamworld and inner life are just as important as her outer world and responsibilities.

A few ways to use the Sacred Tool of the Chalice…

  • Simplify. Slow Down. Deepen. Empty.
  • If you are called to work with the tool of the Chalice, consider purchasing a chalice to place on your altar and use for ceremonial purposes.
  • Begin to notice the subtleties of the flow of energy around you. Notice how furniture could be moved in your home to open up and create more flow. Do you need a good purge in your home or possessions to create more emptiness, space and flow?


Take a moment to consider, and then allow yourself the time and space to answer these questions: 

What is asking to be received in your life right now? What wants to penetrate you and fill you up?

Journal about any deeper yearnings or dreams that welling up to the surface of your mind and heart.

Magic Is Afoot.