The Priestess as Wild Woman is on fire with the life force energy rushing through her like an electrical current leaping through the sky. She is passionate, effusive and charismatic.

She lights up her environment like a flash of lightning in the sky.

The Wild Woman shows us the way of the Sacred Spark in her creativity, sexuality and primal play.

The symbolic power of the lightning bolt is to Ignite, Initiate and Illuminate. It is a force of nature never to be tamed, impossible to ignore and irreversible once it strikes. Likewise, the Wild Woman initiates us into a whole new realm and once we run with her, we cannot turn back to a habitual, purely domestic way of living.

The etymology of the word domestic comes from the Latin domesticus, meaning “belonging to the household” and the word domestication means “the action of taming wild animals”.

It’s impossible to tame the wild woman and once a woman reclaims her wildness, she’s a force of nature unleashed like a lightning bolt with the energy of her primal power.

Just as lightning evokes feelings of terror, fear and awe, we may feel the same when the Wild Woman is stalking our soul, calling us forth in an unapologetic way. She is wild without the reigns, gallops freely through her sovereign domain and remains loyal to her family without diminishing her wild nature.

Lightning is a bright flash of electricity. During a thunderstorm, clouds fill up with small frozen raindrops that collide into each other and produce positive and negative charges, protons and electrons. The positive charges form at the top of the cloud and the negative charges form at the bottom of the cloud.

Since opposites attract, the ground beneath the clouds begins to build up positive charges around things that are tall like trees, buildings, mountains and people. The intensity of the charge between the opposites connects and lightning strikes! This is called a negative lightning flash when it forms from the negatively charged area low in the thunderstorm cloud but there are positive ones too that originate in the top of the thunderstorm.

Lightning is six times hotter than the surface of the Sun, with a blazing heat of 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It can cause fire and perilous outcomes to what it strikes. Lightning comes first followed by thunder since lightning travels faster than sound.

A general word of wisdom is to seek safe sanctuary when we hear the sound of thunder. We may be utterly fascinated by lightning, but we must always remember the fearsome force of nature. We must have full respect for the wildness of nature and for our wild soul.

Lightning-struck places and people have long signified enigmatic power.

Legendary Lightning symbolism from around the world includes: 

  • In Shamanic traditions, ash is gathered from trees that have been struck by lightning and used in medicine bundles.
  • For the Celts, a person or thing that is struck by lightning is seen as being “touched by the deities.” The revered Oak Tree of the Druids has a special affinity for lightning and is associated with illumination from the celestials.
  • In Native American traditions, lightning is connected with the mythic Thunderbird that flashes lightning out of its eyes when someone is dishonest and creates thunder by flapping its wings. In tribal markings, the lightning bolt helps to confer power and speed to the warrior.

Attributes of the Lightning Bolt:

  • Light
  • Power
  • Honesty
  • Fertility
  • Wildness
  • Boldness
  • Initiation
  • Electricity
  • Adventure
  • Genuine Heart
  • Transformation

Lightning is an evolutionary force of nature to Ignite, Initiate and Illuminate. When a woman runs free with her Wild Soul intact, she is the living Shakti and a force of nature to bow to with the greatest respect.

Comment below to share: What does lightning mean to you in relation to the Wild Woman and the Wildness of your Soul?

Aho! Awen! Blessed Be!