“So in the morning, dedicate yourself to love’s purposes.” ~ Marianne Williamson

The Visionary Archetype is all about confidence, courage, and clarity. Visionaries are unafraid of pushing against the status quo and being on the leading edge.

Visionary Mantra: I know.

Marianne Williamson is truly a Visionary and a woman who needs no introduction. As an incredibly powerful lecturer, author, and leading thinker in the evolution of spirituality and consciousness, we are more than thrilled to have her as a guest speaker for our Urban Priestess Mystery School!

Ashley had the opportunity to interview Marianne and we wanted to share this short clip of their conversation with you. She shares the spiritual/creative process she uses that allows her to fully trust what is channeling through and speak her truth powerfully in the world.

In a world where fear is the dominant thought system, Marianne teaches you how to use prayer and meditation to shift what you see so that you can experience the world full of love — and how powerful you can be as this shift begins to happen inside of you.

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  • How do you incorporate prayer and meditation in your own life?
  • What is your process when you feel a new idea moving through you?