“Magic is an Act of Love…a method of bringing light and order into life….
Magic is the use of natural energies to bring about needed change…
The power of magic springs from the Earth itself, as well as from the stars and celestial bodies.
It resides within winds, rocks and trees; in flames and water and our bodies.
Rousing and directing such forces sums up the practice of magic.”
 ~ Scott Cunningham

The Midwife is focused on giving birth to your gifts so and amplifying what you are capable of – particularly in the way of finances & abundance.

Magical crafting & knowing how to work with incense, herbs and essential oils is an important pillar in our work as Priestesses.

The key to all magic is INTENTION. 

Therefore, it is critical and essential that intention be held while creating all incense blends or infusions.

Begin by creating your ritual space and initiate the journey in a way that is meaningful for you. Invoke Spirit, call in the directions, chant mantras, sing songs, give thanks to the plants and be crystal clear what intention you are holding as you craft your magic.

For the sachet below, use dried herbs and mix in small batches in a mortar and pestle. Try to avoid metal when mixing the herbs, instead use your hands or a wooden spoon.

Do not take internally. Remember that some herbs such as incense can be agitating to the respiratory system. Research your blends and know the physical and metaphysical properties.

Keep a Magic Journal with your blends and the effects you notice in your life.

You are the Living Magic of the Universe!

Wealth Sachet:

2 parts Cinnamon
2 parts Lemon Balm
1 part Cinquefoil
1 part Clove
1 whole Vanilla Bean
1 whole Tonka Bean

  • Crush the vanilla bean and mix all together.
  • Empower through your words & intention.
  • Tie all the compounded herbs in a green cloth for prosperity or a green sachet.
  • Squeeze the herbs in your hands and breathe in the fragrance as you call in prosperity.

Carry your sachet with you and call in your cash flow! Remember to ask for the highest and to be of service to the greater whole.

Post a comment below and let us know: what is your intention for your wealth sachet?