In our Mystery School, the Queen Of Death is the archetype who initiates the Wheel of the Priestess in the house of Scorpio.

This is the house of death, sex, transformation, shadow and the occult.

The Queen of Death reigns over transformation and our full empowerment through death, release and shadow work. She transmutes the darkest aspects of Self in order to compost and fertilize the new growth urging to push through.

She is the Changing Woman – unafraid to die completely in her current form to be re-birthed into a new incarnation. She knows that death is the doorway of rebirth.

The Queen of Death is skilled in the occult and divination skills – showing people how to make meaning out of destruction. She calls us to self-inquiry, to ask the deeper questions and see life through the eyes of the Soul.

She asks you to feel deeply and grieve your losses.
She asks you to not numb yourself to pain nor avoid the bloody mess of life.
She asks you to heal your deepest wounds and sexual traumas.

As Kali drinks the blood and devours the demons, the Queen of Death feasts on all shadow material and the inevitable dissolutions in life. Shadows are the spiritual compost of life.

You grow through the nourishment of meeting your greatest challenges and walking towards your fears versus shunning them away or pretending like they don’t exist.

You learn to love the dark, honor endings, cycles, change and new beginnings.

You are asked to step back and recognize the deeper symbolism, soul contracts and lessons being presented in any suffering.

The Way of the Priestess is a conscious descent into the underworld to dive into the unconscious waters and bring to surface shadow material to work with, dance with and ultimately integrate into the Wholeness of the Self.

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