We are in the midst of recording interviews for our upcoming URBAN PRIESTESS ONLINE SUMMIT – over 20 interviews with female luminaries from around the world who dedicated their lives to Priestess work. (Yaasss!…Stay tuned.)

One question keeps coming up:

What does it mean to “Priestess” in the real world?

We decided that each month, we’ll shine the light on one of our Priestess sisters to share the love and give you concrete examples of what it looks like to bring the “Priestess” energy to life in the real world.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Kathleen Pizzello – Priestess, witch, Thai bodyworker, Reiki practitioner, yoga teacher, acro yogini. In short, she’s a magic-maker.

We met Kathleen on our Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage in 2015 where she had the whole retreat doing Acro Yoga on the hilltops of Avalon. During the first year of our Urban Priestess Mystery School, we were lucky enough to have her support us as an Apprentice.

Shortly after completing Urban Priestess, Kathleen opened the charming The Moon and The Mat yoga studio in Beverly, Massachusetts…which we think is about the best concept and name for a yoga studio ever! (Follow them on IG for some serious #MoonMagic!)

Kathleen was just featured on the Find Your Awesome podcast with Kelsey Abbott and speaks articulately and with great passion about her Priestess journey and how to find the magic in the mundane.

When you are doing something you really love there is no time, only energy that flows and everything else melts away.

Click here to listen, and if you don’t have 45 minutes to listen to the full conversation, here are some of the highlights:

4:15 – What Is A Priestess? Ritual, Sisterhood, Sacred Circles, healing, Shadow Work, herbalism, wildcrafting…bringing it to life
6:25 – Opening the Portal: Training Yourself in “The Sight”; How to See Magic
12:47 – How to Use Sacred Divination Tools: The moon, tarot, reiki, yoga, astrology, etc.
19:30 – Greatest Lesson: Love As the Aim. Hold this intention and everything else falls into place. Prioritize your heart.
35:10 – Keep It Light. When you keep learning the same lesson over and over again….all you can do is laugh! Sometimes the lesson is quick. Sometimes it’s not.
36:38 – Respect: Allow people to be who they are. Period.

If you find yourself in Beverly, Massachusetts, you can find Kathleen’s magic in action at her studio: the moon + the mat.

Choose your own adventure. Be the magician of your own life. You make the magic, you decide.

Blessed be!